The beard that is feared.


I was at the doctor’s surgery this morning and was seen by a new doctor. I couldn’t help being impressed by his long bushy beard. “Very trendy, “ I said, “Very Hoxton!”.  

Stoney-faced, he said, “I’m Sikh”

“Oh, I hope you feel better soon…”

But beards ARE very trendy these days and a while back, I attempted to join the fashionistas by growing a beard of my own. It wasn’t quite the itchy, irritating process I had heard from others who had done the same, but in my case my facial hair grew arrow straight out from my jaw and combined with the more than generous presence of grey hairs, made for a very strange effect. Going the whole hog for street cred, I teamed this look with a combat jacket, old school DMs and a camouflage rucksack containing my packed lunch. My new look had a strange effect, especially on public transport, where people moved aside on crowded buses and tubes, deciding to get off at the next stop and even sometimes letting me have the whole carriage to myself…

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