How smart is that!!!


 Technology is amazing, I love getting new gadgets and toys. Stuff we can’t do without today was unimaginable just a couple of decades back. For me, the game changer was the tv remote control; in the old days you had to get up and push one of three or four buttons on the tv set (which tastefully resembled a drinks cabinet) if you wanted to change channels. Wonderful! But for all the days, months and years spent by highly clever and skilled individuals researching and developing stuff to make our lives better, they all end up being abused in one way or another. Back in the 18th Century, Dr. Johnson spent eight long years compiling his English dictionary, arguably the most important book since The Bible and yet, whenever anyone is in possession of a dictionary, what is the first thing you do? You look up rude words! All that time and effort spent and all you want to see is how they define “an emission of wind from the anus”. Suddenly we are all little kids again.  When Tim Berners-Lee invented the world wide web, he gifted it to the world and gave us something that has truly revolutionised the way we live. But despite it’s infinite possibilities, everyone uses it to look at porn.

 The latest advancement is voice technology where you make machines work just by talking to them: great in the car, where you don’t have to move your hands from the steering wheel to set navigation, make a phone call or change the radio station . And at home you can now find out the weather, switch on the lights, turn up the heating all by speaking to your smart speaker. But I do none of those; my favourite command is, “Alexa, do a fart…”

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