Dress code.


 The way you dress defines your personal taste, how you express your personality, who you aspire to be, where you go to school, what you do for a living, where you were allowed to socialise, what kind of wedding you were attending, what you want people to think of you…But the tide is turning; you’d be hard pressed to find a bowler hat, club tie or a pin striped suit in The City. You can enter most casinos and clubs in jeans and trainers. On tv, presenters have started ditching suits and ties for a more “smart casual” look. Casinos and nightclubs are now a free for all, clothing-wise.  Even comedy has abandoned its dress code. Most stand up acts today look not too dissimilar to the students they are probably performing to, but if you look at comedians from yesteryear, they were all incredibly smart: expensive suit, bow tie, slicked down hair and old-fashioned spectacles. I mean, which self-respecting funny man dresses like that today???

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