If you come from Billericay, clap your hands…



I come from Billericay, a town made famous by the Pilgrim Fathers, Ian Dury, David Gandy, Lee Evans, “Gavin and Stacey” and most recently by a chap who bought the local football club a couple of years back. Glenn Tamplin has variously been owner, co-owner, manager, assistant manager, coach, community leader, charity worker, you name it!…all with a boundless, boyish enthusiasm to see the club do well. Rarely away from social media, he wears his heart on his sleeve, sometimes being guilty of rising to “haters” provocations. He leads the team in their pre-match ritual singing. Images of lions adorn the dressing room walls. But the club has indeed come a long way under his stewardship, now boasting proper spectator stands, with proper seating, food ad drink stalls and even modern toilets that might put bigger clubs to shame. The pitch has been relaid and star signings added to see the the team start climbing the ladder towards the Football League.  The car park is now covered in tarmac, Ferrari-sized parking bays clearly marked out and along the back of the main stand runs a mural, painted by a graffiti artist giving a history of Billericay Town, culminating with an image of Tamplin in bed with his wife, responding to a call from God about taking the club to the next level (who knew God was a Ricay fan?). Maybe the artist was influenced by Martin Luther King, who also had a dream, but the trouble is, I don’t remember him spray painting it all over the White House!?!?

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