Beanie, bobble or…?


As the weather turns colder and we can finally dig out our winter clothes, I think it’s high time we resurrected a true winter essential, the balaclava. When I was five or six, they were a common sight on our school playground, along with the duffle coats, woolly mitts and thermal socks. A knitted all in one headpiece that covered your head and neck, with an open space for your face, a balaclava was great for keeping you warm on those icy mornings. Unfortunately, the balaclava was soon adopted as the go-to fashion item for your everyday terrorist attacker, bank robber and hostage taker, many of whom went for the full face army variant with just the two peep holes for your eyes. Pretty soon, the balaclava had disappeared from our streets and playgrounds. But I say we should now reclaim it for ourselves. I’m sure a savvy designer could launch a range in a multitude of colours and patterns and as long as they stick to the open face design, it would be a surefire hit! After all, the balaclava does away with the need for beanie, ear muffs and scarf all in one fell swoop; think of all the room that would free up in your bag for your daily commute. Just one tip for the fashionistas out there, please don’t think of marrying up your black balaclava with this season’s must-have surplus combat jacket, or you may find yourself being taken in for questioning…

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