No negotiation, no deal…

She forfeited her right to be part of our community years ago. In that time we have had no meaningful communication, she was influenced by her own people and left. Now, years later, she wants to talk, fearful for her survival. Now, with her back to the wall and her enemies closing in, she wants to cut a deal. She wants our help. When it happened, she knew what she was doing and just walked out, wanting to have nothing more to do with us. In light of this, there is no way we can, in any way, shape or form, have her back. She will use her experiences to influence others and that could be a real danger to our very existence. There has been no remorse, no admission of guilt or wrong doing and while she has suffered two sad losses in the meantime, her current precarious position cannot be held up for consideration. We are under no obligation to help her, she chose her own path and must now deal with the consequences. She may indeed have been brainwashed, forced to accept views that she was not brought up with, but radicalised by extremists and thus cannot be trusted now, or in the future. President Trump has told us we must deal with it and will happily leave her to live with her decisions. She will have to find a way to survive without us. She chose that path and there is no need for us to pave a way back for her. I think she has found her own special place in hell. Theresa May, you’re on your own with your Brexit baby. Regards, Donald Tusk.

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